Hey there :)

I started this blog just to practice writing and let out the fragments of inspiration that hit me. Sometimes I catch myself writing out a story in my head and I think “why don’t you tell it to someone!” πŸ˜€ I’ve seen that:

The events happening around us shout out a message. From passing conversations to our style of dressing to the way we design buildings, marketplaces and cities, we’re sending out a vibrant painting of the mind of our society. We’re telling of what is important to us as a people,

what we expect of the world

and what we think is the overall point of life.

We’re presenting a detailed picture of the individuals who live behind our skin.

Sometimes I get a flash of inspiration when doing mundane activities; that picture becomes a little clearer to me. I try to show it to you by describing in detail the events that catch my eye and telling you what I think of them. So stay a while… I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve got here.

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