My Leibster Award! Yay!

leibster award

Happy Saturday y’all! My Mom is making pancakes for breakfast; and after scheduling this post, I will go do my laundry. What are you up to? I hope you have a smooth day.

A few weeks ago, Ihuoma, the geek behind Oma’s Serendipity, surprised me by nominating me for the Leibster Award. Thanks Oma!! Really really you should visit her blog, she’s got well thought out, meaty, and interesting posts. I won’t mind spending my time there.

First, here are the award rulesssss:

A. State the rules in your post (lol)

B. Display the award on your blog (what I am now doing, cheers)

C.Write a blog post about your nomination, thanking the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post (Guys you’re right on time… It’s happening!!!). Thanks Oma!

D. Give 11 random facts about yourself (We’re coming to that… keep scrolling please).

E. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

F. Nominate 5-11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions (Hmn you know how I am with these nomination things… you can see 5 nominees here, but no new ones on this post. Please bear with me, yeah? yeah? Thank you!!)

G. Inform the bloggers they’ve been nominated and provide a link to the post about your award (😁😁)

So, Onward, 11 Random Facts About Me

1. First, what do they mean by ‘random’? Do they mean the facts that come to your mind without you actually thinking and having a logical lead-up to them, or just the first 11 facts you can come up with, which, among a pool of many others, by some random chance, happen show up first? I guess this is a basic ‘random’ (whatever that means) fact about me – I give my thoughts plenty attention and mull over a lot of things just for personal entertainment.

2. I’d like to be more spontaneous and I’m trying to be that in this piece.

3. Basic random fact – favourite colour; mine is blue-black. I’m serious about that mix, not just blue but blue that’s so dark it appears to be black until you look closely or put it side by side with actual black. There’s a green-black I encountered recently, I like it too, but I prefer the blue. Imagine it – it appears black one moment, then it winks at you with blue (or green) the next, it pulls you to take a closer look, for the sake of curiosity you do, then, with a sense of mild serendipity, you discover a rich, deep blue (or green). Mysterious, evasive yet inviting, deep, reveals itself to those who would look closely. (Phew I didn’t expect that saying my favourite colour would blow up to all that but it is what it is fam).

4. My favourite book right now is The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a crazy, gripping, science fiction comedy novel. I’m out here looking for a new book to beat it 👀. Please guys, suggestions in the comment section will be deeply appreciated.

5. I like to wear shorts and airy clothing. I’m interested in fashion – good looking clothes and new, bold designs.

6. I’m about 5ft 10” – tallish.

7. Just to be clear, I’m male.

8. If you walked into my living room while I was home alone, you’d probably find me reading or sleeping. I rarely watch tv alone but I enjoy doing so in warm company.

9. I’m a Nigerian, born and raised. Yoruba ni mi

10. I’m studying mechanical engineering. I’m in 200L.

11. I’m the sort of person who’d like to work in New York but live on a farm in the humble Salt Lake City of Utah.

A humble farm in SLC
On second thoughts, working in SLC isn’t such a bad idea…
The Big Apple! Wooo! Those tall buildings are like challenges calling out to me to come and win something! Let’s gooo!

Questions From Oma

1. What is your love language?

I haven’t found out for sure, but I’m really sensitive. It’s most likely both yo. Hehe

2. If you were stuck on an island with two people, who would you like them to be?

I really want to be stuck with Jesus somewhere. We’ll talk a lot and He’ll answer aaall my questions. Second person, iono man.

3. What’s your favourite random memory?

I really like to remember the good times my best friend in JS1 – Godspower – and I had together. Like one time my parents came up to four hours late to pick me from school and Godspower stayed back with me almost the whole time (even though he used to walk home). And he bought sugar cane for me while we waited (I had spent all my money earlier). I remember he used to smile at me like he really liked seeing me around, such sincerity is rare now that I’m older. Now people have an image they want to be like (called ‘cool’), instead of just freely being what they are. Godspower if you’re reading this, get in touch man! My facebook friend request has been pending for years now and do you even use that account??

4. Are you smiling right now?

I muffled a laugh when I read the question… I was smiling before because of questions (1) and (2).

5. What four places do you absolutely have to visit before you die?

I don’t have an itemized list. But. I really would like to tour Africa. Most foreign cities you get to see, you see via television, and because most of what we see is about life in Europe and North America, you don’t really get a rich, full picture of Africa, just snippets from history here and there. I really want to see what my own people are like.

6.What is the economic value of mosquitoes?

Lol Oma I know about your core beef with mosquitoes. My Dad and I were discussing this one evening and he concluded that “if you wipe out mosquitoes, the ecosystem will adjust. It won’t be the first time an animal goes extinct”. I agree with that, I’m looking forward to the complete downfall of mosquitoes. But just for memories, some of them should be kept in a lab somewhere – or a museum. One economic benefit is that they might have body fluids that can be used to make medicines we haven’t discovered yet, or medicines to cure diseases that don’t yet exist.

7. Who in your life does the colour ‘yellow’ make you think of?

See, whenever I see “who in your life”, only one person comes to mind. I’m trying to tell myself “except that person” now. Yellow. Man yellow makes me think of really dark people, like my best friend in JS1&2 – Godspower, who was Ijaw. (And not because I brought him up in question (c); that was actually the question I answered last).

8. Do you play any musical instruments?

No, would be trite to say “but I’d love to learn one”, but it’s true.

9. Are you a morning or night person?

Night, definitely. Doesn’t gel well with my society – they like to start stuff like work and classes at 8am.

10. Do you think a university degree is necessary to be successful?

Not necessary – look at Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, many other people who were university dropouts – but I think that the process of getting a degree will teach a person to think more critically and scientifically and be able to make informed decisions. Mark for example was very, very good at coding; he wrote the first program for facebook, so he knows what’s going on in his co-operation. Steve Jobs wasn’t alone; a close friend and partner, Steve Wozniak, with whom he started Apple, was a computer engineering genius (literally, a genius). So, you can succeed without a formal education, but you must have a robust knowledge of the field you’re working in.

11. What blog, apart from yours, would you recommend people visit?

Apart from mine abi? I’ll recommend… Emmazeck. Seriously, check it out.


And thaaaaat’s it guys! Thanks for reading my piece 😊!

Pssst. Let me let you in on something, blogger’s challenge. Hmn, I actually have about 3 new blog posts in the oven, but brushing them up for camera is the real work, especially as they’re kind of philosophical-existential in nature. Topics like that, if they’re not interesting, no one will read them oo. So please let’s just be a bit more patient… what’s coming is good!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! If you leave a comment, like, share or (🙏)  reblog, that will leave this blogger very contented, thank you.




6 thoughts on “My Leibster Award! Yay!

  1. Oh well, I definitely liked knowing more about you.

    Number 7 on the facts, L O L. Number 8, I’m like that as well, though there are times you might find me watching television, but that’s if I don’t have any book to read on my phone, and that’s just…not possible. Maybe if I want to sleep off and I’m just using it as lullaby?

    Number 4… I would recommend, but I’m the girl that has romance novels filling her library, and I don’t think you’ll be interested in that 😅.

    Number 3…that one made me think. There’s this childish wonder about it. Like those images you look at in different angles, and see different things.

    Number 7 on the questions from Oma made me smile 😀, and Number 11, you can attach the link to the blog so we readers would be able to visit it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow thanks for reading and for this detailed comment Esther
      Lemme reply one by one from the bottom
      Number 11, Oh yeah I definitely should. How could I have forgotten? 😅
      Number 7, Me I thah you will smile at thah kain stuff 😏
      Number 3, Oh you mean about the specific colours I talked about or about colours in general
      Number 4, 😉 you’re right on that one lol
      Number 8, Owkay
      Number 7, Hen iz true o. When one day somebody commented “amen sister!”. You have to take the issue head on o. Ok be honest – were you sure about my gender before now? If not, which one did you think I was?


      1. Number 11, now how would I know? 😆 Number 3, well the kind of wonder you used to describe the blue-black and green-black colors took me back to those images.

        I knew you were a guy already lol


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