Celebration! My First Award Nomination!

Oookay! So a while ago, my blogger friend, Esther, nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award. It was really encouraging for me because it was the first nomination I’d ever received – and when my blog was only a month old! Thanks Esther for showing faith in me at the time I needed it most.

Now, there are a few guidelines to maneuvering this award. From the looks of things, I think I’m supposed to first say what the award is about. The creator said  “This is an award for the lovely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, and are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of the readers. This is what defines a truly awesome blogger”. I found that flattering 😏

Next, a few tasks from the creator of this award, Miss Maggie:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

Ohk you want me do it again? I will for emphasis. Thank you Esther for remembering me when you were thinking of those to nominate

2. Include the reason behind the award. (Include the banner in your post)

Second paragraph lol. Plus Eshther’s thoughtfulness.

3. Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the reader

Ok, ok. Will do.

4. Answer all the questions the nominator gave you.

I tell you, this was the harder part of tackling this award because the questions were as tough as boulders. But I cracked them, most of them. Scroll down for details 👀. Lemme tell you something hush-hush: Esther didn’t even bother giving any new questions, she just forwarded those from her nominator. Why? Because she was too exhausted after answering them all duh.

5. Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers:

Okay, to take care of this part effectively, first I have to tell you that… that it’s not actually a competition for a prize; but it’s a good means to give a blogger some more publicity and recognition for a job well done. So the bloggers I’ll nominate have likely been nominated so many times before that they may not appreciate having to go over it again. So my nominees, if you want to, you may accept the nomination and answer my questions. No hard feelings if you don’t (a “thank you” in the comment section would be nice anyway 😁). Here goes:

  • Frank Solanki. Frank will supply you with a regular flow of heart-warming, easy-to-read poems.
  • The Storyteller by Ifegracedada. Ife overcame porn. And on this blog she talks about her journey, and the practical steps anyone else can take to experience freedom. She also posts short stories; I think she plans to publish a book. So if you’re talking of a blogger who “finds ways to spread happiness and laughter”, she definitely qualities for this award.
  • Emmazeck! By Emma Catherine Zeck. Wow, definitely some real life issues being discussed here. Emma is honest and raw about the severe hardships she’s been through, how they affected her (giving some real life narratives) and how she found strength to go through them and come out even emotionally healthier. Some of those experiences include being raised in a dysfunctional home, and how, because of that, it was a long hard journey for her to believe she was worthy of love. She also struggled with an eating disorder along the way, boyfriend issues, and so on. There’s a lot to read about and learn from on her blog.
  • Oma’s Serendipity. I will not miss this opportunity to tell everyone that Oma’s Serendipity is a really good read. Her pieces are usually interesting and meaty – a good away to spend your time.
  • Idle head. Oluchee posts regularly and has a number of moving pieces.


The Questions From Esther (And Her Accomplice)

  1. Name the butterfly effect in your life.

I’ve been thinking… and it’s hard to pinpoint a specific event. But my whole life is one big butterfly effect isn’t it? Every moment I’ve experienced has affected my present in some ways.

  1. How do you envision a world without social norms?

Man why you gotta be so tough… well, that’s a tricky question because what defines a ‘society’ is it’s norms. It is because of norms that societies are different from each other. And if we take away the norms of individual societies, then we end up with one global community with a universal set of norms. I think a world without norms would mean people would be wired differently to not live in groups, which would mean far less technological and economic advancement than we have today.

  1. Can you imagine a utopian future?

A future where everyone can effortlessly be themselves without having to think about it, and in being themselves are effortlessly good and kind.

  1. Atheist or Theist. What is your say about it?

I am deeply aware of God’s existence because I converse with Jesus every day and in our relationship I find joy, peace, hope and satisfaction. It is a relationship everyone should have.

  1. What, according to you, is the most basic right of an individual, and why?

The right to life. It follows because you need to be alive to exercise all your other rights lol.

  1. What is, according to you, the biggest taboo in your society?

I gave this a long thought, but the idea of a “taboo” no longer gets all the attention it used to get before the spread of mass media. I think it’s because we can now observe so many cultures at a time and we’re beginning to realize that cultures can be different. They are not set in stone. Having such a banquet of different practices to choose from, our culture is culture is morphing into a blend of many cultures (including ours). New practices are popping up everywhere (the way we dress is changing for example, tending towards a more European style). Usually, these changes are harmless so they don’t qualify as “taboos”, but I believe some wrong practices have slid under the radar unnoticed (like increasing sexual promiscuity). With a huge flood of information channelled to us daily, it’s easy to overlook a piece of shocking news and just scroll to a new headline or Facebook post. Also, it is challenging to pull together a large enough group to support or discourage a new practice because there are so many other issues fighting for their attention already. In the old days, committing a taboo would lead to a family/community meeting to openly condemn the act. But today, with less human interaction (since people have more demanding jobs and much less free time), we tend to forget or get mixed up as to what a “taboo” is. There is no longer a structured practice to remind, and put emphasis on what is considered unacceptable.


What we’re left with is a misty idea of what the society as a whole considers taboos, not a set of stark convictions about right and wrong that everyone agrees upon. Although some things remain crystal clear and are openly condemned by all – like incest, cannibalism and shaking someone older than you with your left hand (which is not as serious as many other issues, but remains an important part of our culture 🙂)

  1. What do you like or dislike about my blog?

I admire your consistency – you post frequently. It’s a great skill to be able to write that often.

  1. Have you ever used Deepweb?

Nope, I don’t even know what it is.

  1. Should death penalty be continued as a legal punishment for criminal offenses? State your reasons along with it.

In some cases, yes, to shock people and effect a sharp, jerking restraint so that it doesn’t occur to them to even consider committing the crime. In general, no, life imprisonment gives the offender time to experience the agony of those he/she hurt. Also, if there was an error in the investigation and the person was wrongfully imprisoned, a life sentence can easily be reversed.


Phew! Now this is the part where I give my nominees 10 questions to answer. I shall just follow in my nominators footsteps and transfer the above questions to you *eeeevil laugh heehee*. Like I’ve already said, you’re not obliged to answer them, but I’m curious about your answers to questions 2,3,4, and 8. I guess you can just do a modified response on your blog, skip the other parts and only share your answers to those questions.

Wow! Huuuuuge thanks for taking out time to read such a long (but enlightening) piece! If you read up to this point, then you certainly are the best! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your week!


11 thoughts on “Celebration! My First Award Nomination!

  1. Well well… This made me smile, because of the number of times my name was mentioned (obviously 😝), but the main being that I enjoyed this form of writing. It was fun, not something I witness a lot on your blog (no offense 😏), but I really enjoyed the mood. And the answers to your question. Good job. Good one…and following in my steps? Are you supposed to follow bad things? You’re to learn from them 😁, not go ahead.


    1. Look at you haha.
      Thanks for the compliment and your suggestion! I’ll try to make my upcoming posts more lively. Tricky thing to do with philosophical topics though..

      Be dere doing bad tins o.. u will see who will follow u again


      1. No no. Don’t make things fun because I say this one was impressive…though I’ll say this. Even while discussing the most serious things, a little humor isn’t bad, but if the course you’ve chosen for your blog is one that’s not really for fun, stick to it.

        Are you a student?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Truueeee 🙈 I considered asking again because I knew we had talked on it before but… I forgot some details but still wanted to be sure😯

            Lol alrighty then. Feel free to take pointers from me 😉😐.


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