T.V. in the Mind of a Five Year Old

Once I saw a little bird / Flying up up up / Then I said / Little bird / Will you stop stop stop. As a child I’d sing that song with all my heart, making gestures at the bird with my fingers while I let my imaginations roam. Click to read on...

Guns at a Wedding

the couple was outside the tent, in a haze of friends all congratulating and teasing and generally making a hell of noise – the bride couldn’t stop smiling. L joined them for a bit... Click to continue reading

On The Newer Nigerian Movies

...our way of life could be picked apart, applauded or criticized by many different cultures around the world. I don’t think we had the time to notice this change, with the brush of colonization and then independence and then grappling with managing our new country – we may not have realized how things changed and we became faced the pressure to fit in in a global community...click to read on

Wedding Part One

The woman shuffled to the left, she shuffled to the right, and then to the left again. A neighbour tapped her, they conversed, and then she finally decided to let her handbag slip off her wrist and she entered the isle on her right. The neighbour was the last person sitting on that end of the bench. L threw back his head. He wondered on how they make you yearn and yearn for the end of such long services ...click to read on

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