My Leibster Award! Yay!

leibster award

Happy Saturday y’all! My Mom is making pancakes for breakfast; and after scheduling this post, I will go do my laundry. What are you up to? I hope you have a smooth day.

A few weeks ago, Ihuoma, the geek behind Oma’s Serendipity, surprised me by nominating me for the Leibster Award. Thanks Oma!! Really really you should visit her blog, she’s got well thought out, meaty, and interesting posts. I won’t mind spending my time there.

First, here are the award rulesssss:

A. State the rules in your post (lol)

B. Display the award on your blog (what I am now doing, cheers)

C.Write a blog post about your nomination, thanking the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post (Guys you’re right on time… It’s happening!!!). Thanks Oma!

D. Give 11 random facts about yourself (We’re coming to that… keep scrolling please).

E. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

F. Nominate 5-11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions (Hmn you know how I am with these nomination things… you can see 5 nominees here, but no new ones on this post. Please bear with me, yeah? yeah? Thank you!!)

G. Inform the bloggers they’ve been nominated and provide a link to the post about your award (😁😁)

So, Onward, 11 Random Facts About Me

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Soul Value

What is the significance of the human being? Is it just our bodies? No, our bodies only do basic things like breath, eat and reproduce.

It is the consciousness inside that drives the body, he holds the real worth of a person. He is the one who can shake up the earth around him, and more importantly, the souls around him. If those souls are taken away, then the world is effectively gone. Why? Because by nature, people need to be recognized by others in order to feel significant and alive. The true foundations of the world we experience is forged by relationships. So a model of the human experience would not look like a cluster of single points with each one solitary, high, and alone, but like a graph whose significance only shows up when all the points are connected together. Our actions are relevant (even to person who does them) only to the degree they affect other people.

Let’s see Mr. Daniel for example. He was an accomplished engineer. His inventions had redefined how industry and agriculture were practised. Through them he had transformed economies and by doing so, shifted the dynamics of world peace and power. One day he visited a war-torn area. He saw how clothes hung limply on forms of adults and children. He saw that some backs were permanently hunched from constantly scraping for food. Fortunately, he was leading a band of wagons filled with canned foods, medical supplies, toys and other relief materials. But it was when he saw the children running towards him with gleeful eyes and carefree joy that his heart broke in both joy and sorrow. He saw oh so clearly what all his inventions really led to. He did not see the metal or heavy equipment that he worked with, but he saw the vibrant souls on the other end. He saw that the real world was actually, manifestly, the people he touched. Pay attention to the people around you today.

Enjoy your week!


Celebration! My First Award Nomination!

Oookay! So a while ago, my blogger friend, Esther, nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award. It was really encouraging for me because it was the first nomination I’d ever received – and when my blog was only a month old! Thanks Esther for showing faith in me at the time I needed it most.

Now, there are a few guidelines to maneuvering this award. From the looks of things, I think I’m supposed to first say what the award is about. The creator said  “This is an award for the lovely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, and are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of the readers. This is what defines a truly awesome blogger”. I found that flattering 😏

Next, a few tasks from the creator of this award, Miss Maggie:

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From Inspiration In The Mind of An Artist To The Culture Of An Entire Society

Just relax and flow with this piece. The meaning will come to you.

Musicians, writers and movie producers have a huge position to push the future of our way of life in the direction they want. Their message is intense, an imaginary world so dreamy that it compels people to aspire to it. They etch out the paths that dreams walk on, showing children and young people, the custodians of our nation’s future, how to dream by making some options more appealing than others. Through music videos, our musicians cut through time, bringing to us slivers of a future they’ve imagined, presented with such bursting life and colour that… that maybe it exists somewhere. Maybe you could find it if you pierce this home reality slightly; provided of course you have decent ground knowledge about the general arrangement in the spectrum of sub realities, both radially and in parallel.

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Pearled Embers

Few men could stand the fire in her stare. She was hesitant, but whatever started that flame could not die. But she was like the unruly waves of the ocean that call out to an audacious sailor. She gave herself, then she withheld. She gave, then she retracted.

Precisely two years ago the man she loved had walked out that door – she screwed her eyes on it and felt nothing – days later she had received a call
“Hello, report on Mr. Dubois?”
“Yes” she squealed
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Yearning for Life

Lately I’ve been thinking about how things left by themselves just get worse on their own accord, they rarely get better. Leave a house on its own for some years and you’ll come back to see weeds growing through its walls and its roof, the building leaning over and about to collapse. You won’t see a shining, stately structure awaiting your arrival, no. If you leave a nation and its peoples without any supervision or control, just watch out, things will get worse. People will start dumping refuse in the streets, robbing one another and taking advantage of one another. Treating justice as a luxury they can all afford to ignore. (See this article on a real life scenario in a city where the police went on strike!). Why do people, and the things we create, tend to destruction? For us it takes work to make things improve, but when left on their own they die. Why? Why is it not the other way round? If the universe formed of its own accord, wouldn’t it have been better for the sustenance of the species it created if things were different? Why do we self-destruct?

But we see glimpses of life around us. The cheetah runs across the burning plain and captures her prey. Continue reading “Yearning for Life”

From the Unknown Regions

Fiiiinally here’s the much talked about post! I had planned to share something else today, but then I went back to read from my archives and once more, this piece pulled me into loving it. So here goes:

How can God be insignificant, how can His words be insignificant, when we, inexplicably, are persistently drawn to worship something? Why are people, even those who are separated by distance and culture, all drawn to worship something? Continue reading “From the Unknown Regions”